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The best thing out of Dublin since Brennans Bread!

Cullen Car Care products made their way to Cork and we are delighted partnering with another, well known, Irish brand.

Pearce Cullen knows a thing or two about car care and is one of the most sought professionals in Dublin when it comes to detailing. In his passion, Pearce created the Cullen Car Care range of products that are designed for the Irish market to cope with the typical Irish weather and the impact to your vehicles bodywork, trim and wheels.

Most importantly, the Cullen Car Care range is highly effective and the composition of chemicals undergo stringent quality control making sure all products are easy to use and provide their full cleaning power when applied.

We particularly like the CCC Fallout remover that, for a change, does not smell strong like some others. The wheel cleaner is a gel like cleaner and turns your wheels blue. The Wheel and Tyre Cleaner is incredible value for money and beats most APC's in regards to performance and price.

But, our favourite is the glass cleaner. Cleans great, vaporises quickly to avoid streaks and smells nice too!

All products are highly concentrated and can be diluted to suit your individual needs.