Collection: NAT Polishing Pads

NAT Polishing pads are the premium polishing pad brand in the medium price sector.

While NAT offers an incredible selection and amount of polishing pads, we have focused our offering on the polishing pads that will suit our range of polishing machines.

The NAT polishing pads are designed for multi-stage work with dual action polishing machines.

These DA Series polishing pads are specifically designed to work with dual action machines. Both the shape and the type of foams were selected to meet the needs of these machines in the detailing space. The sponge has a centrally cut hole with a diameter of 20mm, which is important when working with dual action machines to reduce the heat produced while working. Thanks to the central hole, better ventilation is achieved as well as paste clumping is eliminated.

All pads come with a strong velcro back and the pads themselves are precisely engineered to high European standards.