ScratchShield Grit Guard in Red, Blue and black with ScratchGuard Buckets for carwash and rinse

Official ScratchShield™ Grit Guard and Car Wash Bucket Filter System in Ireland for a scratch-free car wash experience.

Perfect for a two-bucket method car wash.

The three-bucket method is now also possible with the black "Wheels" bucket and grit guard available exclusively at!

ScratchShield Grit Guard with wash mitt noodle and car shampoo at car wash with lifetime guarantee logo

The ScratchShield™ Grit Guard is the original, adjustable and best bucket filter system that helps reduce scratches during the car wash process.

The ScratchShield™ Bucket is a white, heavy-duty bucket holding 20.5L.

ScratchShield™ Lid Seat converts your ScratchShield bucket into a practical and comfortable seat.

The complete ScratchShield range is in stock in Cork for Click & Collect, local delivery or nationwide same-day dispatched shipping.