ADBL APC - All Purpose Cleaner 1L

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ADBL APC is a concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner. A very versatile product for cleaning all surfaces inside and outside the vehicle.

Works comprehensively penetrating the dirt and separating it from the surface. Special additives store the dirt in the solution for easy removal.

Dilution Guide

  • from 1:4 for heavy dirt
  • to 1:8 for light soiling

Available in 500ml, 1L and 5L as well as ADBL APC PRO for even more cleaning power here.

How to use ADBL APC

  1. Mix ADBL APC with water based on the dilution guidelines
  2. Apply the ADBL APC on the surface to be cleaned and spread with a sponge or brush
  3. Remove the dissolved impurities by wiping with a cloth or by rinsing with water
  4. If necessary, repeat steps 1 to 3

Additional Guidelines

  • Be sure to spot test the surface in an inconspicuous area
  • The cleaned surface should be cool
  • Do not leave it to dry on the surface