ADBL APC PRO - All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

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ADBL APC PRO is, compared to ADBL APC, higher concentrated, more powerful but still a universal cleaning product.

Dedicated for heavy debris on plastic, vinyl or textile upholstery.

Perfect for the pre-washing stage thanks to its low foam formula enriched with natural citrus solvents.

Excellent degreasing properties. Fast penetration and dirt dissolution with ABLD APC PRO making it a very versatile product for cleaning all surfaces inside and outside the vehicle.

Dilution Guide

  • from 1:10 for heavy dirt
  • to 1:80 for light soiling

Also available in 500ml and 5L here

How to use ADBL APC PRO

  1. Prepare a working solution
  2. Apply ADBL APC PRO on the surface to be cleaned and spread with a sponge or brush
  3. Remove the dissolved impurities by wiping with a cloth or by rinsing with, preferably distilled, water
  4. If necessary, repeat steps 1 to 3

Additional Guidelines

  • Be sure to spot test the surface in an inconspicuous area
  • The cleaned surface should be cool
  • Do not leave it to dry on the surface
  • Store in a cool place
  • Protect from direct sunlight
  • Do not refrigerate or freeze