ADBL Beetle Juice Squeezer - Insect Remover 1L

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ADBL Beetle Juice Squeezer is a fast and easy to use bug and insect remover.

It melts away other organic dirt like tree sap, bird droppings and works great with heavy oils, gunk and road grime. Non-greasy formula and rapid performance make cleaning easy and effective.

Dissolves and removes bugs that contain harmful enzymes that can permanently damage your paintwork.

ADBL Bettle Juice is fast-acting and easily cleans off bugs and insects by preventing staining and etching.

Available in 500ml and 1L and 5L here 

How to use ADBL Beetle Juice Squeezer

  • Shake before use
  • Make sure the surface is cool to the touch before applying
  • Spray on affected area
  • Allow to dwell for about 30 seconds - don’t let it dry!
  • Rinse with water