ADBL Ceramic QD Quick detailer with SIO2. Small black spray bottle. Best ceramic coating quick detailer for car shows. ADBL Cork Ireland

ADBL Ceramic QD - SiO2 Quick Detailer 1L

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ADBL Ceramic QD is an easy to useĀ SiO2 based Quick Detailer providingĀ an extreme hydrophic layer on your vehicle.

ADBL CERAMIC QD is a product extremely easy to use. Based on sillicic polymers with nano-sized particles. The solution with a high content of SiO2 allows strong adhesion to the lacquer, plastics and glass.

Perfectly fills small irregularities of paint coatings and increasing their gloss.

ADBL Ceramic Q does not disrupt natural properties of coatings but, as independent protection, creates a hydrophobic, waterproof layer.

Also available in a perfect glovebox sized 200ml bottle and 500mlĀ here