ADBL Clay Mitt

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The ADBL Clay Mitt is an effective decontamination mitt with a polymer layer replacing a traditional clay bar.

Easily removes tar, resin, asphalt, bug remains and other persistent residues.

The main advantage of a clay mitt, compared to a traditional clay bar, is its trouble-free and time-saving use. ADBL clay mitt is much more efficient than a traditional clay bar.

  1. Wash the car thoroughly with the two bucket method and rinse but do not dry
  2. Apply ADBL Slippy clay lubricant in the amount ensuring satisfying and comfortable performance
  3. Glide the ADBL Clay Mitt over the paintwork and glass without excessive pressure. Do vertical and horizontal movements.
  4. Rinse the ADBL Clay Mitt regularly with water to avoid unintended scratches
  5. Work panel by panel until paintwork is smooth
  6. Wash the car again and dry it
  7. Rinse the ADBL Clay Mitt thoroughly with water.
  8. Dry the ADBL Clay Mitt and store in its original packaging

Additional Guidelines

  • If the vehicle undergoes a complex decontamination treatment for the first time, use a tar & glue remover as well as a fallout remover prior to the ADBL Clay Mitt.
  • Never use the ADBL Clay Mitt in combination with solvent-based products (eg. tar removing products)
  • Do not expose the ADBL Clay Mitt to temperatures above 40 °C