ADBL Clay Towel

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The ADBL Clay Towel is a towel with a polymer layer, replacing the traditional clay bar for cleaning car paint.

Easily removes tar, resin, asphalt, traces of insects and other persistent contaminants.

Its advantage compared to the traditional clay is the ease of use and reduced time required for ideal cleaning of the paint surface. The ADBL Clay Towel is much more efficient than a traditional clay bar.

Size: 30x30cm

Additional Guidelines

  • If the vehicle undergoes a complex decontamination treatment for the first time, use a tar & glue remover as well as a fallout remover prior to the ADBL Clay Towel
  • Never use the ADBL Clay Towel in combination with solvent-based products (eg. tar removing products)
  • Do not expose the ADBL Clay Towel to temperatures above 40 °C