ADBL Glass Cleaner. Perfect for Glovebox. Black spray bottle with blue background. ADBL Cork Ireland.

ADBL Glass Cleaner - 200ml

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ADBL Glass Cleaner is a ready to use window, glass and mirror cleaner. Contains a trace amount of alcohol, which has been replaced by non-toxic solvents with a purity of cosmetics.

Leaves glass perfectly degreased and streak-free.

Efficient and easy to use. Does not contain phosphates and ammonia.

The 200ml bottle fits perfectly in your glovebox and is available in 500ml as well

How to use ADBL Glass Cleaner

  • Spray on the surface
  • Rub ADBL Glass Cleaner with a microfiber cloth. ADBL G is recommended
  • Buff the glass with a clean and dry microfibre cloth