ADBL Micro Wash - Microfibre Laundry Detergent 500ml

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ADBL Micro Wash is a specialised laundry detergent for washing microfibre cloths.

Its mixture of natural and synthetic detergents softens water and natural solvents are composed in such a way as to not affect the natural properties of microfibre after washing.

ADBL Micro Wash removes deeply ingrained dirt, restores softness, absorbency and leaves a subtle citrus scent.

How to use ADBL Micro Wash

  • Use 40­-50ml for a laundry machine cycle.
  • Wash at temperatures between 40 and 90 °C
  • For heavy soiled and ingrained dirt, leave the microfibre cloths in warm water and add 50ml to 1L water. Manually remove the biggest stains before you place the microfibre cloths into the laundry machine