ADBL Twister - Textile and Carpet Brush - Set of 6

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ADBL Twister Soft is a round textile brush. Thanks to its soft bristles, they are suitable for delicate materials.

ADBL Twister Medium is a round textile brush. Thanks to carefully chosen bristles they are suitable for various textile materials.

The set includes all 6 available brushes in soft and medium:

  • 1x 50mm diameter Twister soft
  • 1x 100mm diameter Twister soft
  • 1x 125mm diameter Twister soft
  • 1x 50mm diameter Twister medium
  • 1x 100mm diameter Twister medium
  • 1x 125mm diameter Twister medium

The 50mm size is designed to work with a drill-driver.

The 100 mm and 125 mm have an adapter that allows you to work on a rotary polishing machine with an M14 thread or a drill driver.

The brushes are also available in single units or as a set of 3 here