ADBL Vampire Liquid - Deironizer (Fallout Remover) 5L

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ADBL Vampire Liquid is perfect for removing brake dust from wheels and brake calipers, volatile rust and other metallic impurities from the entire vehicle.

Its semi-liquid consistency makes it easier to spray over any surface, prevents any run-offs and enables a longer operation as it does not dry too quickly.

ADBL Vampire Liquid is pH neutral and safe for any types of external vehicle surfaces and may be applied in the everyday maintenance of rims and car varnish.

Also available in 500ml and 1L here

How to use ADBL Vampire Liquid

  1. Spray it onto the entire area of the contaminated surface. Make sure that the surface being cleaned is cool.
  2. Leave it on the surface for 2-5 minutes
  3. If necessary, agitate ADBL Vampire Liquid with a brush
  4. Rinse thoroughly with your power washer
  5. If necessary, repeat steps 1 to 4

Additional Guidelines

  • For greater efficiency, before applying the ADBL Vampire Liquid, remove any impurities from wheels with the use of a wheel brush, like the EZ Detail Brush or ADBL APC.
  • Do not leave the product to dry
  • Before use make sure that the surface being cleaned is cool
  • Keep cool
  • Keep out of the direct sunlight
  • Do not freeze