ADBL Wax One - Hybrid Paste Wax 100ml

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ADBL Wax One is the long-awaited hard hybrid wax from ADBL designed to protect paintwork while maintaining deep shine, wet look effect and hydrophobicity for up to 3 months.

ADBL Wax One Super pleasant to apply and guaranteed trouble-free with a nice strawberry scent.

ADBL Wax One is a product created out of passion for waxing. It combines the best natural ingredients and science.

Carefully selected waxes are reinforced in it by synthetic polymers to make the wax easy to apply but maintaining its extreme effectiveness.

After applying ADBL Wax One the vehicle is protected against harmful external factors, including UV radiation, pollution of organic and chemical origin. 

Note: Does not come with an applicator. We recommend the Work Stuff Wax Applicator Plus