ADBL Yeti Snow Foam - Tropical Night 5L

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ADBL Yeti Tropical Night is a highly concentrated, pH neutral active foam.

Thanks to a huge amount of foaming and wetting agents, the foam has a texture of whipped cream, with an incredible power of penetrating the dirt. Neutral in concentrate, ruthless to the dirt and safe for any surface.

This makes ADBL Yeti a product with one of the best price/quality ratios on the market.

The ADBL Yeti Snow Foam range is available in 1L and 5L and in following scents here:

  • Chemical Berry
  • Cherry Ice Cream
  • Tropical Night
  • Polynesian Forest
  • Jelly Bean
  • Yeti Pearl (also in 500ml)

How to use ADBL Yeti

    1. Cover the dry car with a solution of foam and lukewarm water. Find the appropriate concentration depending on the foamer type and the degree of dirtiness of the car.
    1. 1:9 to 1:14
    1. with a foam cannon or 
  1. to 1:200 with a hand pump foamer
  2. Leave the foam to act for a few minutes and do not let it to dry on the surface.
  3. Rinse the car thoroughly with water under high pressure.
  4. Start the next phase of ADBL Snowball Shampoo with the two or three bucket method

Additional Guidelines

  • Do not use on hot car paint
  • Do not leave to dry
  • Do not use under the direct sunlight