Autoglym Hi-Tech Water Blade

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The fastest way to remove water from a car and is especially useful on larger vehicles with a lot of flat surfaces.

The silicone construction has the perfect mix of rigidity whilst still retaining the ability to flex around the contours of the car's exterior. With no hard surfaces, it is completely safe to use and will not scratch or mark, provided the car has been thoroughly cleaned.

Do not use to remove rainwater or snow as contaminants may have fallen with it.

Pro Tip: Flexible silicone blades have had some bad press over the years, often the result of misuse. The only way a blade can scratch is if the area isn't cleaned properly and dirt is trapped by the blade and dragged over the paintwork. Keep your paintwork and Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade clean and you won't have a problem.

Care instructions:

Rinse frequently in clean water to ensure the blade is free of contaminants.