Autoglym Professional Acid Free Wheel Cleaner 25L

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Powerful, fast-acting, safe and acid-free wheel cleaner for use on most wheels.

Also available in 5L here and 200L on request here.


  • Cleans and removes brake dust from heavily soiled wheels
  • Completely acid-free
  • Concentrated formulation - can be diluted 1:3


  • Requires little agitation, reducing cleaning time per vehicle
  • Acid-free formulation reduces the risk of damage to wheels
  • Highly cost-effective

Dispatched within 24h

Usage Instructions

  1. Always pre-test alloy or plated parts first. Dilute 1 part wheel cleaner to 3 parts water.

  2. Apply using a brush or hand spray starting from the bottom of the wheel and moving upwards to ensure even coverage. Allow 2-3 minutes reaction time. Do not allow the product to dry on to the surface.

  3. For best results, agitate surface using the Autoglym Wheel Brush or a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Safety Data Sheet