Hand Sanitiser 5L for office and restaurant. Autoglym Cork Ireland

Autoglym Professional Hand Sanitiser 5L

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Hand Sanitiser is an 80% alcohol-based, WHO-approved formulation, to help you kill viruses, germs and bacteria from hands.


When you are away from home, office or on the storefront, there is not always access to soap and water to wash your hands.

This is why Autoglym has introduced Autoglym Hand Sanitiser. A quick and easy way for you to keep clean and reduce the chance of spreading germs to yourself, others and surfaces.


    • An 80% alcohol-based hand rub
    • World Health Organisation approved formula passes EN 1500 test - Effective against bacteria and viruses
    • Quick and easy to use


    How to use Autoglym Professional Hand Sanitiser

    1. Shake Apply a palmful of Hand Sanitiser and cover all surfaces of the hands.

    2. Rub hands until dry.

    Safety Data Sheet

    Composition: Ethanol, glycerol and hydrogen peroxide