Autoglym Professional High Gloss Tyre Dressing 20L

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Autoglym's cost-effective, silicone-free, solvent-based tyre dressing.
100% genuine Autoglym filled and sealed.


  • Durable high gloss or matte sheen finish
  • Brush, sponge or spray application
  • Silicone-free formulation


  • Versatile dressing, two finishes from one product
  • Versatile application, use it how you prefer
  • Safe to use in body shops and other "no silicone" areas

Usage Instructions

  1. Ensure the tyre wall is clean, dry and free of contamination

  2. Adjust dilution until the desired foam is created. 2-5% is a suggested starting point.

  3. Allow product residue to dry for a high shine finish

Safety Data Sheet