Autoglym Air-con Spearmint Fogger 150ml

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Autoglym Spearmint Fogger is a super-concentrated blast of atomised minty freshness to vehicle interiors by delivering a super-concentrated blast of atomised minty freshness to vehicle interiors.

The ultra-effective, long-lasting scent is ideal for vehicles that need a little extra help to smell pleasant again. The powerful fragrance remains for up to two weeks.

Ideal for use in damp, smoky, vehicles, cars for sale, cars in storage and more.

Note: Fragrance strength will decrease in the days following application. It is not advised to drive the vehicle immediately after application. Do not smoke in treated vehicles.

How to use Autoglym Spearmint Fogger

  1. Shake well. Move front seats fully forward.
  2. Place the can upright in the rear passenger footwell.

  3. Press trigger until it locks down, pointing the nozzle away from you.
  4. Close all doors, and wait until the can has fully emptied.
  5. Once empty, open all doors fully and wipe over surfaces with a clean microfibre cloth to remove residue from leather and plastic surfaces.

Safety Data Sheet