Bad Boys Foam, Wash and Detail Set

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This superb RR Customs Bad Boys set includes all thats needed for a pH-neutral, safe wash and glossy finish.

The set consists of

Bad Boys pH Neutral Active Snow Foam is a concentrated product for safe car pre-wash. The active foam dissolves and separates dirt from the surface to be cleaned, making it easier to clean properly afterwards. Safe for waxes and ceramic coatings. Product with a pleasant cola fragrance.

Bad Boys Shampoo Cola is a concentrated pH neutral shampoo for regular washing of vehicles with a fantastic Cola fragrance. Its high foaming formula guarantees high dirt removal efficiency. Leaves no traces. Safe for wax and ceramic coatings.

Pre Wax Cleaner IPA is dedicated to cleaning painted surfaces. Recommended as a panel wipe for use before Ceramic Wax to degrease the car paint. It removes residue from polishing pastes and waxes, as well as adhesive residue and other contaminants. It evaporates quickly and does not leave streaks.

Bad Boys Quick Detailer provides instant shine and protection of car paint. It gives the surface a deep shine, slippery and hydrophobic effect.

Bad Boys Quick Detailer also masks micro-scratches, causing the surface to stay clean for longer. A product with a pleasant fragrance.

WashMe Microfibre cloth is an Irish sourced premium quality and multi-purpose microfibre cloth. Our 300gsm quality cloth is not your average discount store cloth which is graded at 200-250gms.