Bad Boys Glass Cleaner 5L

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RR Customs Bad Boys Glass Cleaner is ideal not only to clean the windscreen but also windows and mirrors. Thanks to its degreasing properties, it is also suitable for heavily greased glass surfaces in car interiors. 

The use of the "streak-free" formula ensures that the surface to be cleaned remains streak-free and the glass stays clean for longer. On top of that, RR Customs Bad Boys Glass Cleaner comes with a pleasant grapefruit fragrance.

For the perfect protection of your glass, use Bad Boys EZ Wiper. A hydrophobic ceramic-infused glass coating.

Also available in 500ml here

What is Bad Boys Glass Cleaner?

  • effectively dissolves dirt on the glass surface
  • based on a¬†streak free¬†formula
  • leaves no smudges
  • safe for plastics, windshields, windows and mirrors
  • safe for lacquered, painted, polished metal, chromium-plated, anodized, powder-coated, carbon fiber or vinyl¬†wraps
  • ready to use

How to use Bad Boys Glass Cleaner

  • apply the glass cleaner with a trigger onto a microfibre cloth¬†or¬†and wipe¬†the glass (on large glass surfaces, apply the product directly with the sprayer)
  • wipe dry with a dust-free towel, smooth microfibre cloth or a¬†waffle cloth
  • if necessary, repeat the above steps
  • always use gloves, as grease from your fingers easily transfers from the¬†microfibre to the glass