Bad Boys pH Neutral Active Snow Foam Cola 500ml

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Bad Boys pH Neutral Active Snow Foam is a concentrated product for safe car pre-wash. The active foam dissolves and separates dirt from the surface to be cleaned, making it easier to clean properly afterwards. Safe for waxes and ceramic coatings. Product with a pleasant cola fragrance.

 What is Bad Boys Neutral pH Snow Foam:

  • Efficient concentrate for creating active foam
  • Dissolves dirt and facilitates removal of contaminants
  • Safe for ceramic coatings, waxes and quick detailed cars
  • pH neutral
  • safe for cleaned surfaces, if applied as recommended
  • Pleasant Cola scent

After applying Active Foam during pre-washing, it is necessary to properly wash the car by using a car shampoo such as the Bad Boys Shampoo

    How to use Bad Boys Active Snow Foam

    • Prepare the solution by mixing the foam with water, usually 1:10 for a foam cannon connected to a pressure washer. In order to obtain a different consistency of the foam, a higher concentration can be applied; the product is safe even when diluted at the ratio of 1:1
    • Cover the dry car with active foam, apply from bottom to top
    • Leave the foam for a few minutes to soften and loosen the dirt, do not let it dry
    • Rinse the car with a power washer
    • Please note that neutral active foam will not wash the car, it serves as a pre-wash to prepare the surface for proper washing.

    Additional Information

    • before application, make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool, do not wash the car in direct sunlight
    • store in a dry and cool place at 5-25℃
    • We used a specialized, breathable bottle cap, a very large amount of the fragrance contained in the product may cause the bottle to shrink
    • Changed shape of the bottle does not affect the quality of the product