Bad Boys Plastic Cleaner Cola 500ml

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RR Customs Bad Boys Plastic Cleaner is for surfaces made of hard plastic materials in exteriors and interiors of cars. It is ideal for preparing elements for dressing application. The preparation is ready to use.

After cleaning, the surface does not need to be rinsed.

It effectively deals with dirt, leaving a clean, natural plastic surface. A product with a Cola fragrance.

    What is Bad Boys Plastic Cleaner

    • product designed for cleaning hard plastics (e.g. door sides, cockpit elements)
    • restores the clean and natural look of the material
    • ready to use
    • not rinsing required
    • cola fragrance
    • safe for all surfaces surface
    • recommended before application of internal and external dressings

    How to use Bad Boys Plastic Cleaner

    • shake before use
    • apply a small amount of foam onto a microfibre cloth or soft brush
    • collect any excess product and dissolved dirt, wipe dry with a microfibre cloth
    • in case of using an interior dressing on a plastic surfaces, wait a few minutes for the preparation to fully evaporate
    • if the component is very soiled, repeat the above steps

    Additional Information

    • make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool, do not apply in direct sunlight
    • store in a dry and cool place at 10–25℃