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Bad Boys Tar Remover Slow 5L

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RR Customs Bad Boys Tar Remover Slow is designed to safely remove tar from almost any surface of the car, without fear of damaging painted body elements such as wheels, galvanized decorations, plastic strips, headlights, aluminum, chrome or nickel-plated details.

The remarkable benefit of the slow evaporation of the agent allows you to enjoy decontamination, especially on hot days.

This tar remover is recommended for be used the car before polishing or applying wax.

The reaction of the preparation is characterised by a characteristic dripping of dissolved tar particles in a dark brown colour.

Tar Remover Slow is very easy to rinse, thanks to which it does not leave any traces. Extremely easy and safe to use.

Also available as Bad Boys Tar Remover Pro here

    How to use Bad Boys Tar Remover Slow

    • If necessary, remove "road film" with Bad Boys Traffic Film Remover TFR and metal filings with Bad Boys Iron Remover
    • Apply the Bad Boys Tar Remover Slow on a cool and dry car surface
    • Leave the product on the surface for 5 to 10 minutes while making sure to not allow it to dry.
    • Rinse with high pressure water
    • Wash the car with shampoo

    Additional Information

    • If necessary, repeat the process and work with a soft microfibre cloth or a delicate brush in hard to reach areas or for bigger sized tar spots.
    • Do not use the product in full sun or on hot surfaces.
    • To avoid damaging the spray head, rinse it thoroughly with water immediately after each use to remove any product build up in it.