Bad Boys Tyre and Rubber Cleaner 5L

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RR Customs Bad Boys Tire & Rubber Cleaner immediately penetrates dirt and effectively separates it from the surface.

Bad Boys Tire & Rubber Cleaner degreases the tyre surface and leaving the tyre perfectly clean for Bad Boys Tire Dressing providing a deep black rubber effect.

Also available in 500ml here

    What is Bad Boys Tire and Rubber Cleaner

    • Product for cleaning tyres and rubber parts
    • Leaves the surface degreased and prepared for tyre dressings
    • Safe for originally painted tyres
    • Product is ready to use and does not require dilution

    How to use Bad Boys Tire and Rubber Cleaner

    • shake before use
    • use the trigger to apply the Bad Boys Tire & Rubber Cleaner to the tyre or other rubber components
    • wait 1–2 minutes; in case of very heavy soiling, clean mechanically with a brush
    • rinse with water
    • dry the surface with pure microfibre

    Additional Information

    • Do not use on unpainted, chrome-plated or polished wheels
    • before using Bad Boys Tire & Rubber Cleaner, use Bad Boys Active Foam and Bad Boys Shampoo, so that the tyres do not require scrubbing.
    • make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool, do not apply in direct sunlight
    • we used a specialized, breathable bottle cap, a large amount of the fragrance contained in the product may cause the bottle to shrink
    • changed shape of the bottle does not affect the quality of the product
    • store in a dry and cool place at 5-25℃