Bad Boys Water Spot Remover 150ml

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Bad Boys Water Spot Remover removes mineral deposits on ceramic coatings and waxes as well EZ Wiper or nano coating from glass and painted surfaces.

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, this product is intended for professional detailers.

The gel consistency prevents the product from dripping and ensures longer contact with the surface to be cleaned.

    How to use Bad Boys Water Spot Remover

    • thoroughly wash the surface before using Water Spot Remover
    • apply the product with a sponge applicator to the area to be cleaned
    • work into the surface in a circular motion for several seconds depending on the level of surface contamination
    • rinse thoroughly with running water and wipe the surface dry

    Additional Information

    • before the first use, test on a small area of the windshield, preferably on the passenger's side, in the area of wipers operation
    • do not leave the product on glass surfaces for more than 1 minute
    • do not leave the product on painted surfaces for more than 2 minutes
    • before application, make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool to the touch and do not use in direct sunlight and when exposed to wind
    • do not allow to dry on the surface; using in other way / longer than manufacturer recommendations might cause permanent surface damages