Bilt Hamber App Pad Appliator for car polish. Best car polish applicator

Bilt Hamber App-Pad Foam Applicator

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1x Soft, thick foam applicator pads with an easy to grip shape that aids in the control of wax applications.

Recommended for use with double speed-wax and suitable for use with other manufacturers paste waxes such as the award-winning Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax and Neowax pate waxes.

Quick guide

  • Soft grey foam
  • 3cm thick
  • 9cm in diameter

How to use Bilt Hamber app-pad

  1. App-pads should be clean and free of dust before use. The pad can be made damp with water before use, if specified in the instructions of the product to be used.
  2. If using a paste-wax, place the pad into the wax container and twist to ensure that the face of the pad is evenly covered.
  3. The pad can be used side-on with confidence, be sure not to overload with wax when using it this way.
  4. Once used, the pad can be washed with water and a suitable detergent, it should be very well rinsed by squeezing multiple times with clean water to ensure that no detergent remains.

Dry before storage and kept away from direct sunlight.