Cullen Car Care Hydrophobic quick detailer. Blue magic hybrid detailer. Cullen Car Care Cork Ireland

CCC Blue Magic Hybrid Detailer 1L

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CCC’s Blue Magic Hybrid Quick Detailer provides superior shine, water repellency and durability to vehicle’s bodywork and glass.

Unlike similar products on the market, the CCC Blue Magic Hybrid Detailer can be used on glass as well to provide a hydrophobic layer resulting in a reduced use of your windscreen wiper.

Available in 1L and 5L here

How to use CCC Blue Magic Hybrid Detailer

  1. Shake well before use!
  2. Apply by spray directly onto bodywork or a microfibre cloth
  3. Depending upon user preference and application conditions, the product may be allowed to dwell/dry/haze for a short time before buffing off.
  4. Alternatively, application and removal may be carried out in a single step, simply continue to buff after application until the product has dried.
  5. May be layered, ideally leaving an hour between layers.

Note: Use sparingly as it can be difficult to remove/buff the product if over-applied.