Kwazar Venus SUPER Pump Sprayer 1.5L (Solvents)

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Kwazar Venus Compression Sprayer Black for Solvents.

This sprayer comes complete with viton seals and a polyamide pump barrel for the most effective resistance to solvent-based products.

Our Venus Super pump sprayers come with a directional and adjustable nozzle tip, viton seals, a base rim for stability and protection, and visible strip to check the fluid level.

There is also a built-in safety valve operational in excess of 3 bar.

The nozzle cap can also now take a flat fan nozzle without the need for an adaptor.

We stock 4 different sprayers:

  • Light Blue for Detergents here
  • Dark Blue for Alkaline here
  • Red for Acids here
  • Black for Solvents here

    The Venus seal kit is available hereWe also have other parts available and ask you to  please contact us if you are looking for a specific part.