Kwazar Venus SUPER Pump Sprayer 1.5 L (Acid)

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Kwazar Venus Compression Sprayer RedĀ for Acids.

The seals and coated metal parts on this sprayer have been chosen for their compatibility with the harshest of chemicals. Comes complete with viton seals.Ā 

Our Venus Super pump sprayers come with a directional and adjustable nozzle tip, viton seals, a base rim for stability and protection, and visible strip to check the fluid level.

There is also a built-in safety valve operational in excess of 3 bar.

We stock 3 different sprayers:

  • Blue for Detergents here
  • Red forĀ AcidsĀ 
  • Black forĀ Solvents here

The VenusĀ seal kit is available here