Labocosmetica Decontamination and Protection Kit

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Labocosmetica Decontamination and Protection Kit that includes the following

#Lubrifica Clay Lube 500ml

  • A clay and polish lube that does not leave any residue and is the best choice for a clay bar or and sanding
  • #Lubrifica does not leave any residues with the result that a vehicle does not need to be washed after a clay bar treatment
  • #Lubrifica is also recommended to be used with #Vitreo glass polish and PPF film applications

#Sidero Iron Fallout Remover and Wheel Cleaner 500ml

  • The first iron remover that also eliminates limestone residues
  • Does not dry out even in hot weather

#Hydra Hyper Trim Dressing and Sealant 500ml

  • multi-purpose and long-lasting (up to 3 months) hyper dressing
  • Perfect for external and internal parts such as rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and acrylic materials