Labocosmetica Interior and Leather Cleaner Kit

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Labocosmetica Interior and Leather Cleaner Kit that includes:

#Ductile APC 500ml

  • A versatile and extremely concentrated detergent with strong cleaning action for interior and exterior parts of the car
  • This product has been certified by Alcantara® to remove stubborn stains without discolouring fabrics.
  • Can be used with wet vacuum or steam cleaners.

#Derma Leather Cleaner 2.0 500ml

  • A concentrated, hydrating and purifying leather cleaner based on a balanced formula that gently cleans any type of leather upholstery
  • If not treated on a regular basis, leather in car interiors tends to get that classic shiny and worn look.

#Derma Leather Sealant 250ml

  • A leather sealant with biological Coating Technology that  protects leather by creating a chemical-physical barrier while maintaining its natural softness and breathability, natural finish and its original appearance.
  • Its innovative water-based formula contains highly sophisticated reactive polymers that adhere to the surface, creating an invisible anti-rub coating.