Labocosmetica World Kit

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The Labocosmetica World Kit includes

#PRIMUS Snow Foam 1L

  • An alkaline pre-wash snow foam that free of caustic salts
  • Very versatile in the various dilutions of use: it can clean rims, wheel arcs and the most delicate parts of the bodywork.

#PURIFICA Rejuvenating Shampoo 1L

  • decontaminating and rejuvenating shampoo for wax, nano and ceramic coatings.
  • This maintenance nano-shampoo with acid pH, a true novelty in the world of detailing

#Sidero Iron Fallout Remover and Wheel Cleaner 500ml

  • The first iron remover that also eliminates limestone residues
  • Does not dry out even in hot weather.

#Lubrifica Clay Lube 500ml

  • A clay and polish lube that does not leave any residue and is the best choice for a clay bar or and sanding.
  • #Lubrifica does not leave any residues with the result that a vehicle does not need to be washed after a clay bar treatment.
  • #Lubrifica is also recommended to be used with #Vitreo glass polish and PPF film applications.

#SEMPER pH-neutral Shampoo 500ml

  • pH-neutral, super-concentrated maintenance shampoo with high lubricating action.
  • Featuring excellent cleaning properties and a pleasant scent
  • does not cause stripes and may be used on windows as well

#REVITAX Wash & Coat Hydrophobic Shampoo 500ml

  • Next generation of neutral “Wash & Coat” shampoo, to wash, seal, protect
  • pH-Neutral
  • Hydrophobic capabilities and highly durable for a shampoo. (4 months)

#VÉNERE Polish and Sealant 250g

  • Premium glaze sealant & primer booster for Labocosmetica #CUPÌDO
  • A finishing polish that enhances the finish and significantly improves gloss
  • A primer to be applied before #CUPÌDO to enhance the performance of the sealant.

    #CUPÌDO Nano Composite Sealant 500ml

    • A unique nano-composite sealant. Its formula is the bridge between a nano-ceramic product and a traditional sealant
    • Generates a physical and chemical barrier
    • The duration of #CUPÌDO can be extended from 5 (if applied on its own) to 9 months with the Magic Trio Kit

      #Perfecta Quick Detailer 500ml

      • The fastest and most effective solution when you need to enhance gloss, depth, satin effect and protection in a short time.
      • High gloss, shine and hydrophobic results and can be applied to wet or dry bodywork

        #Ductile APC 500ml

        • A versatile and extremely concentrated detergent with strong cleaning action for interior and exterior parts of the car
        • This product has been certified by Alcantara® to remove stubborn stains without discolouring fabrics.
        • Can be used with wet vacuum or steam cleaners.

        #Derma Leather Cleaner 2.0 500ml

        • A concentrated, hydrating and purifying leather cleaner based on a balanced formula that gently cleans any type of leather upholstery
        • If not treated on a regular basis, leather in car interiors tends to get that classic shiny and worn look.

        #Derma Leather Sealant 250ml

        • A leather sealant with biological Coating Technology that  protects leather by creating a chemical-physical barrier while maintaining its natural softness and breathability, natural finish and its original appearance.
        • Its innovative water-based formula contains highly sophisticated reactive polymers that adhere to the surface, creating an invisible anti-rub coating.

            #Hydra Hyper Trim Dressing and Sealant 500ml

            • multi-purpose and long-lasting (up to 3 months) hyper dressing
            • Perfect for external and internal parts such as rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and acrylic materials #REVITAX Wash & Coat Shampoo 500ml