Liquid Elements Drying Towel Set

Liquid Elements Drying Towel Set

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The Liquid Elements Drying Towel Set is the perfect set to dry your vehicle.

The set consists of:

    The Orange Baby Microfibre Drying Towel from Liquid Elements is one of the most popular microfibre towels for professional paint drying on the vehicle care market.

    The original Orange Baby Microfiber Drying Towel with double-sided and long-pile microfiber surface is the pioneer of today's Microfiber Premium Drying Towel.

    For years, Silverback has been one of the best-selling microfibre drying towels of the Liquid Elements. The gentle fibres guarantee absolutely gentle drying and have been specially developed for enormous water absorption. It guarantees streak-free and fast vehicle drying. The soft microfiber edge additionally protects the outer surfaces from scratches and ensures a stable hold.

    The Black Hole is a borderless premium drying towel of the latest generation. Thanks to the so-called twisted pile fibres, this towel absorbs enormous amounts of water and dries every vehicle quickly and absolutely gently on surfaces.

    How to wash Microfibre?

    We recommend using Bad Boys Microfibre Wash here