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Liquid Elements Insider - Premium Interior Set

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Liquid Elements Insider, the perfect set for a clean vehicle interior.

A 6-piece premium set consisting of:

Liquid Elements Insider Textile and Interior Cleaner is a first-class cleaner for fittings and plastic parts in the interior. It is also ideal for fabrics, carpets, headliners and any parts in the vehicle interior.

In addition to the highly effective cleaning, Insider leaves no bacony shine, streaks or sticky surfaces and does not smear on glass or infotainment screens.

Liquid Elements Bilateral is the perfect cloth in terms of price/performance that is perfect for indoor activities, any application in the interior is ideal for this cloth.

The borderless microfibre cloth is specially designed for cleaning and prevents scratches.

Due to the 2 different types of fibers, the cloth offers an all-round solution for the interior. One side has longer and softer fibre, which means that even sensitive surfaces such as piano lacquer or displays can be cleaned very gently.

Liquid Elements See You is a simple, very effective glass cleaner. Lake You guarantees streak-free cleaning of the windows of motor vehicles indoors and outdoors. Also perfectly suitable in the household and easy to process even in warm temperatures, whether indoors or outdoors.

Liquid Elements Streak Buster is the perfect partner for lint-free glass cleaning. The special wafer structure is suitable for an extremely fast absorption of all liquids on surfaces without leaving fibres and lint. The Streak Buster is ideally suited to clean glass surfaces and window panes streak-free without leaving streaks or residues.