Liquid Elements IPA Isopropanol / Isopropyl Alcohol 99%. Liquid Elements IPA, Panel Wipe, Liquid Elements Cork Ireland

Liquid Elements IPA 1000ml

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Liquid Elements IPA Isopropanol / Isopropyl Alcohol 99% is an optimal method to clean and degrease surfaces without residue and thoroughly.

Whether before applying waxes or sealants, for cleaning before polishing or as a control after polishing, with  isopropylal cabbage all fats, fillers or other impurities / laminations can be removed.
IPA is also very suitable for household use and, among other things, for the removal of resins, ink, grease stains and much more.

When using ceramic sealants such as our Liquid Elements "Eco Shield", we also recommend the previous treatment with Liquid Elements "IPA"

IPA is also used for the production of disinfectants.

Main Features

  • Degreased surfaces from polishing and silicone residues after polishing
  • 99.9% pure isopropyl alcohol
  • Dilutable with water 70/30, 50/50 or 30/70

How to use Liquid Elements IPA

  1. Dilute IPA with water if necessary
  2. Spray surface generously
  3. Remove with clean and fine microfibre cloth

Additional Guidelines

  • Do not apply from warm surfaces and only treat painted surfaces and metal
  • Do not treat unpainted plastics or rubbers with IPA
  • IPA is not a cleaner in the conventional sense, but suitable for degreasing surfaces