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Liquid Elements Microfibre Starter Set

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The Liquid Elements Microfibre starter set is ideal for enthusiasts to support their maintenance washes as well as professionals at an incredible value.

The starter set consist of:

Liquid Elements "Value" microfibre cloths are for easy work on vehicles. (Alloys, glass, removal of polish).

The seamless microfibre border allows for a gentle and scratch-resistant surface treatment.

Liquid Elements Blue Breeze 2.0 is a very soft all-round cloth without edges which are made with ultrasonic waves, so that no hard edges as in laser cutting arise.

Diest makes Blue Breeze 2.0 perfect for all applications around sensitive surfaces. It's extremely soft microfibers and easy handling make the cloth "Liquid Elements Blue Breeze 2.0 "to a reliable assistant in car care.

The Liquid Elements Ultra Finish, the microfibre cloth with special plush fibres.

Want brilliant results?  Absolutely no problem with Ultra Finish. 

Thanks to its special structure, it does not remove precious sealants and waxes, but rather polishes them into the surface, unlike regular ultra-microfibre cloths.

    How to wash Microfibre?

    We recommend using Bad Boys Microfibre Wash here