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Liquid Elements Nanomite Sealing 1000ml

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Liquid Elements Nanomite Sealing contains high-quality sealing components that form a strongly hydrophobic layer on the entire vehicle. This product is to be used together with any standard car shampoo.

Plastic, paint, rims, glass and all other materials on the exterior are safe to get in contact with Nanomite.

Cleaning and sealing has never been so easy.  The beading effect does not have to hide from high-quality waxes and sealants and will inspire every car care enthusiast. Due to the ceramic base of the ingredients, the treated vehicle shows itself in an extreme shine after drying.

After application, the washing glove or mitt should be washed with a a special microfibre laundry solution. If not all residues of Nanomite are removed after a standard laundry cycle, they should be washed at 90 °C.

Main Features

  • Suitable for all external surfaces on vehicles
  • Strongly hydrophobic layer (beading effect)
  • Comparable to high-quality waxes and sealants
  • Adheres strongly to and connects to the surface
  • Ceramic-based ingredients
  • Extreme shine after washing
  • Difficult adhering of new dirt
  • Service life depending on dosage 2-4 weeks

How to use Liquid Elements Nanomite

  1. Give 3-5 caps to 10 litres OF SHAMPOO WATER
  2. Distribute with washing glove in the bucket
  3. Clean from top to bottom, wash out gloves in the meantime
  4. Rinse residues with high-pressure cleaner

Additional Guidelines

  • Sealing components reduce foaming
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces
  • Functional with all standard car shampoos
  • Do not let it dry

Safety Data Sheet