Liquid Elements Orange Baby Drying Towel 60x90cm 800GSM

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The Orange Baby Microfiber Drying Towel from Liquid Elements is one of the most popular microfiber towels for professional paint drying on the vehicle care market.

The original Orange Baby Microfiber Drying Towel with double-sided and long-pile microfiber surface is the pioneer of today's Microfiber Premium Drying Towel.

The absorbent and soft fibers ensure a high water absorption, with minimal stress on the treated surface, so that no scratches or defects can occur in the paint or on other surfaces.

With a size of 60x90 and a weight of 800 gsm, it is very well suited to dry details on the surface such as: niches, radiator grille, sill area, corners and edges, door entrances and much more.


    • Size: 60x90
    • Weight: 800 gsm
    • Plush Chenille fibers (very gentle)
    • Soft microfiber edge
    • Very good water absorption
    • Gentle on paint
    • Streak- and lint-free vehicle drying
    • High load capacity and long service life

      How to wash Microfibre?

      We recommend using ADBL Micro Wash here