Liquid Elements Red Snapper Microfibre Polishing Cloth 40x40cm 400GSM

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Liquid Elements Red Snapper Microfibre cloth if for the removal of polish residues and is specially designed to remove all residues from the polishing process, including polish residues, polish dust, adhesive residues from the adhesive tape and other residues that occur during polishing.

The fibre structure of the Red Snapper polishing cloth was specially processed in horizontally arranged webs (loop weaving) and thus enables an unprecedented lacquer image after polishing.

Unlike other microfibre cloths, which are arranged in vertical fiber structures, the Red Snapper thus has the ability to remove some of the polish residues with any horizontal web on the cloth, which treats the paint surface very evenly and gently.

Dimension and Properties

  • Size: 40x40 cm
  • Weight: 400 gsm
  • Removes polish residues from paint surfaces evenly and gently
  • Also usable glass, plastic or foils
  • 100 % Ultra Microfibres in special loop weaving
  • Edge ultrasonically cut
  • Perfect shine after polishing

How to use Red Snapper

  • Shake cloth
  • Fold the Red Snapper and place it on the paint surface
  • Wipe the coarse excess of the polish residues 1 time in a web
  • Turn the cloth over and put it back on the surface
  • Wipe off polish residues completely without pressure until no residues can be seen
  • For even better results in the removal of polish residues, Easy Clean or the IPA can be used additionally. Spray polish residues lightly with it and wipe them off.


  • 80% Polyester
  • 20% Polyamide

How to wash Microfibre?

We recommend using ADBL Micro Wash here