NAT Polishing Pad Dual Action Red - Medium Finish

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NAT Polishing Pad Dual Action Blue for a medium finish.

Red pad is made for faster surface finishing when working with hard coatings.

These NAT Pads are of high quality and are medium closed cell polishing pads for use with dual action polishing machines.

Removes medium scratches and surface defects in combination with most heavy cutting or medium cutting compounds. The special composition of the foam mixture ensures a perfect cut and produces a brilliant gloss. On the back, these NAT pads feature a high-quality, durable and heat-resistant velcro and gradual angled edge to decrease pad wear.

  • Size: 135 x 25 mm 
  • Washable
  • Consistent, long-lasting foam
  • Safety edge
  • High-quality
  • NAT code: PVLY1043135