NAT Studio Box Polishing Pads 5" Slash (Pack of 10)

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NAT Studio Box contains a set of 5x2 polishing pads making it an excellent offer for every detailer. There is never too many polishing pads when detailing a car, studio box is the solution. All gradations of polishing pads in one box.

All pads come with a 19mm diameter cut hole to provide better ventilation, extends the durability and prevents clogging of the pad.

The Studio box consist of following Slash pads in 5" size:

2x White

  • Hard cut

2x Blue

  • Heavy cut

2x Yellow

  • Medium polishing

2x Red

  • Medium-soft polishing

2x Black

  • Soft-finish polishing


  • Size: 133 x 148 x 25 mm 
  • Washable
  • Consistent, long-lasting foam
  • Safety edhge
  • High-quality