NEOWAX №2 Exclusive Pack with №5 Primer

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The NEOWAX №2 Exclusive Pack with №5 Primer is a limited offering and combines the durability and chemical protection of a ceramic-like coating with the high gloss and wet look that paste wax provides.

The Exclusive Pack includes:

NEOWAX №2 combines the luxury of a fine wax with the performance of a sealant. 

NEOWAX №2 is a paint protection product optimised for all paint types with a long-lasting formula. №2 is a very resistant wax with the advantages of classic carnauba waxes and ceramic coatings.

NEOWAX №5 Primer is a Nano-Graphene tuned primer coating suitable for all types of paints.

NEOWAX №5 was developed together with NEOWAX №2 but can be applied as a base coat, topped with NEOWAX №1 or NEOWAX №6 as well to extend longevity.