NEOWAX №2 (200ml)

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NEOWAX №2 combines the luxury of a fine wax with the performance of a sealant. 

NEOWAX №2 is a paint protection product optimised for all paint types with a long-lasting formula. №2 is a very resistant wax with the advantages of classic carnauba waxes and ceramic coatings.


  • Ceramic-coating like shine, gloss and protection but easy to apply like a wax
  • Perfect for every paint colour
  • Efficiently protects surfaces and leaves a highly hydrophobic protective film
  • Ultra-Beading and protection up to 2x as long as with standard carnauba based waxes
  • Uses the exclusive NEOWAX Coating Wax technology that is highly resistant against detergent and other chemicals
  • Extremely stable against acidic and alkaline agents
  • Glass-like finish and gloss - ultimate shine
  • More than 12 years of experience in the formulation of waxes flows into №2 

№2 is easy to process for everyone and forgives mistakes.

Due to these requirements, the substrate Carnauba (“hybrid wax”) was replaced during the development process with a new, safe synthetic wax.

The consistency of №2 is perfect and firm with a similar consistency as NEOWAX №1 Carnauba wax.

The secret of №2 is in the wax. The semi-permanent film that NEOWAX №2 forms are intrinsically consistent and stable. At the same time, NEOWAX №2 contains active ingredients with high alkaline resistance.

In a test, a detailer was able to show that even soaking for hours with pure detergent concentrate (pH level approx. 12.5) did not damage the hydrophobicity of NEOWAX №2.

The stability of the NEOWAX №2 against cleaning agents - both acidic and alkaline agents is at a top-level. A new generation of wax. With simple processing, without fluoropolymers!

With NEOWAX № 2 we have developed a very resistant wax with the advantages of classic carnauba waxes and ceramic coatings.

What's in the Box?

  • NEOWAX №2 200ml
  • 1 high-quality buffing microfibre cloth (350 gsm)
  • Information leaflet

How to use NEOWAX №2

  1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle and use a pre-wax paint cleaner like Bad Boys Pre Wax Cleaner IPA.
  2. Work on shaded cool panels and apply NEOWAX №2 panel by panel.
  3. Use an applicator and apply in light circular motions extremely sparingly
  4. Leave for a few minutes and buff off before continuing on the next panel.

Curing Times

  • After 3 hours, NEOWAX №2 will be resistant again water and car wash soap
  • After 24 to 48 hours, NEOWAX №2 will be resistant against most detergents.
  • Full protection after 1 week.