Scangrip Diffuser Small for MiniMatch & SunMatch3

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The Scangrip light diffuser is designed to spread and soften the light providing increased functionality and new possibilities to adapt your work light even further to the specific work task.

The diffuser minimises reflections and hard shadows from the light, and is especially applicable for checking high spots while ceramic coating, as well on car dent repair and detecting dust nibs on painting.

Due to the flexible, soft material, the cover is simply mounted directly on top of the lens.

Delivered in a 4 pack colour box with diffusers firmly positioned in shape cut foam.

  • Fits Scangrip MiniMatch and SunMatch3
  • Mounted directly on top of the lens
  • Diffuses and softens the light avoiding hard shadows
  • Minimises reflections and harsh light
  • Especially applicable for checking high spots while coating, as well as car dent repair and detecting dust nibs on painting.

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