SGCB Car Dryer - Blow Dryer

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The SGCB Car Dryer is the must have tool for anyone looking to safely dry their freshly washed vehicle.

The Car Dryer uses warm, dry, filtered air that provides an easy and safe drying experience without the chance of scratching expensive paint and chrome finishes.

The car dryer provides an adjustable, high power output motor and can warm up air. The long hose makes sure that you can reach every corner of your vehicle with ease. Unlike others, the SGCB comes with a trolley to make manoeuvring even easier.

Non-Contact Drying

Are you afraid to leave swirls or scratches on your car? Now our car air blower water dryer is a perfect solution for you! you can remove all water thoroughly with not touching the surface! Thanks to the air filter, no dust or other particles will be blasted onto the paintwork.

Perfect Assistant For All Kinds Of Jobs

The 2 different  jet nozzles help you to reach every area and corner on your vehicle.

Absolute Control: Wind Speed & Modes Adjustable

Get an exact speed you want with the air volume switch double temperature mode: “nature wind” and “warm wind” mostly use the nature mode but apply the warm mode if want to finish jobs rapidly.

High Powered and Multi Purpose Use

Mainly used for blowing and water drying jobs on car interior and exterior before wax application or after car washing, engine bay! Also for daily household and pet drying.

In Detail

  • Max Power: 2800W
  • Heat Power: 600W
  • Blow Force: 900W
  • Blow Force: 800g
  • Power: 5BHP
  • Rated Power: 2200W
  • Hose Max Length: 3m
  • Temperature Rise: 56º
  • Max Airflow: 7CBM
  • Max Air Speed: 525MPM
  • Low Noise: 74DB 
  • Power adapter for UK plug included