Autoglym Retail with Autoglym Professional Equivalent

Autoglym Retail with Autoglym Professional Equivalent

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Are you looking for bigger quantities of Autoglym products?

As you might know, some of the Autoglym retail products are also available in the Autoglym Professional range in 5L and sometimes even in 25L or 200L quantities.

The Autoglym Professional range is not only better value for money but, generally, the professional range is more concentrated and products can be diluted to your liking and the job at hand.

Below is a list showing Autoglym Products that are also available in the Autoglym Professional range.

It is always advisable to get one of the Autoglym Unibot Spray Bottles and Spray Trigger Heads.

Please note: Sometimes the Autoglym Professional equivalent is not 100% the same but very close. These products are highlighted with a star.

Autoglym Retail Version (325ml/500ml) Autoglym Professional (5L/25L/200L)
Anti Bacterial Multi Surface Sanitiser Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Sanitiser
Autofresh Autofresh
Aqua Wax Express Wax
Bumper & Trim Gel Plastic & Trim Conditioner
Car Glass Polish Glass Polish
Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner Clean All APC
Clean Wheels Acid Wheel Cleaner
Custom Wheel Cleaner Specialist Wheel Cleaner
Engine & Machine Cleaner Clean All APC
Fast Glass Window Clean
Fast Glass Autoglym Glass Spray *
Interior Cleaner & Sanitiser Super Clean Sanitiser
Interior Upholstery Shampoo Interior Cleaner
Intensive Tar Remover Tar & Adhesive Remover
Instant Tyre Dressing Tyre Dressing
Leather Care Balm Leather Conditioner & Protectant
Magma Liquid Clay
Magma Fallout Remover **
Odour Eliminator Odour Eliminator
Polar Wash Car Shampoo *
Polar Seal Coat-It
Foaming Car Wash Shampoo Car Shampoo
Rapid Ceramic Spray Instant Ceramic Coating
Rapid Detailer Fast Shine and Lube
Shampoo Conditioner Shampoo Conditioner
Scratch Removal Kit Rapid Renovator and Radiant Wax Polish
Super Resin Polish Radiant Wax Polish
Ultimate Screenwash Screenwash (Super Strength)
Vinyl & Rubber Care Super Sheen

* Not 100% the same but very similar

**Autoglym Magma and Autoglym Professional Liquid Clay is the same. However, Autoglym Professional Fallout Remover has similar capabilities (acid based) as explained by Autoglym here.

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