Our Categories

Snow Foam & Pre Wash

From Autoglym Polar Blast, to ADBL Yeti, Bad Boys coloured foams and Labocosmetica Primus to Bilt Hamber auto-foam and touch-less

Wheels and Tyres

Safe wheel cleaners like auto-wheel, Vampire, #Sidero and the famous Bad Boys Neon Wheel cleaner. Out tyre cleaners make tyre dressing last longer.

Washing and Drying

Your favourite pH-neutral shampoo's like Autoglym UHD, ADBL Snowball, Bilt Hamber auto-wash, Labocosmetica Semper and Bad Boys Orangeade

Tar & Glue Removers

Safely remove tar and tree sap from your vehicles. From the famous Autolgym tar remover to the new Vasco touchless tar remover and the safe Prick Bort tar remover.

Iron/Fallout Remover

Who does'nt love the blood red reaction of a fallout remover? Prodcuts like #Sidero, Korrosol, Magma, Liquid Clay and Vampire are the best tools to remove iron particles from bodywork and wheels.

Clay Bar & Clay Lubricants

Our clay bars provide a deep clean to any paintwork. Reduce the risk of clay marring with the right clay lube like Labocosmetica #Lubrifica. We also stock clay mitts and towel to safe time.


If you machine or hand polish, we have the right tools, accessories and products. Cordless and corded rotary and DA polishing machines that match our huge range of glazes and compounds from Autoglym, Bad Boys and the best stelling professional Labocosmetica range.

Paste Waxes and Ceramic Coatings

For the ultimate durability and protection you will find easy to apply paste waxes with durablity up to 1 year or our professional, next generation nano-ceramic coatings from Labocosmetica.

Quick Detailers and Spray Waxes

Instant gloss, shine and protection with our SiO infused quick detailers and ceramic sprays. The latest Autoglym Polar Seal adds hydrophobic capabilities resulting in water beading.

Glass and Windows

Streak free windows and glass with our range of glass cleaners. You will also find glass coatings like ADBL Hybrid Glass, Bad Boys EZ Wiper and Labocosmetica Aquavelox

Trim Dressing and Restoration

No more faded plastics. A selection of trim dressings like Labcosmetica #Hydra and Autoglym Bumper & Trim gel. Including our bestelling and long lasting trim restorer, Brayt R1, that lasts at least 6 months.


Clean where it matters the most. From general interior, fabric, carpet, seat, dashboard and plastic cleaners to interior dressings.


Clean and protect leather with our leather products such as Labcosmetica #Derma and the famous leather kits from Autoglym, ADBL and Bad Boys.


Detailing brushes, soft and stiff brushes for your interior, leather, wheels and any other job at hand. Wheel Woolies and EZ Detail wheel brushes


Air-Fresheners in all variations and scents. As single use hangers for the mirror, refillable sprays for enthusiast and aerosols for professionals.

Tools, Accessories & Equipment

Reduce the time and effort with our tools and accessories. Pet hair removal tools, valet mats, applicators, magic sponges, drum pumps and taps, hand pumps and sprayers. We also stock garage and workshop equipment and storage units.

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