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Best Irish Microfibre Cloth. Irish sourced Microfibre. Polishing Cloth, Cork Ireland, Waffle cloth, glass polishing towel

Proudly presenting Irish sourced premium quality and multi-purpose microfibre cloths.

Available as general use and multi purpose microfibre cloths, glass cloths and the ultra soft polishing cloths.

What is Microfibre?

Microfibre is a mix of polyester fibre and nylon fibre (polyamide). When the fabric's fibres are split they are called "microfibres". This makes them very absorbent and, amazingly, the fibres are so small they become "positively" charged and attract "negatively" charged dirt and dust.

Why use Microfibre?

It's simple! Microfibre cloths clean much better. Their split fibres mean they don’t just push the dirt around, they absorb it leaving the surface cleaner. Unlike other fabrics, the microfibre cloth can absorb many times its own weight. They can be cleaned hundreds of times meaning they make any cleaning job more economical.

The complete microfibre range is in stock in our shop in Cork or same-day dispatched shipping.